My consultancy and training packages are a great option, whether you're in the process of building an in-house marketing department, want to offer your existing team additional support, or wish to brush up on your own content marketing skills.

Consultancy & Training

I offer my services on a consultancy basis, working on-site alongside your team. This bespoke, collaborative approach is an excellent solution for those desiring optimum contact and total transparency.


One size certainly doesn't fit all when it comes to consultancy packages, which is why I offer flexible arrangements depending on your business requirements. Sometimes a handful of sessions spanning several weeks is all it takes, while other businesses will benefit from a comprehensive arrangement that stretches into the future. 

Businesses that would prefer a short term solution with long term benefits can also utilise my training services. If you want to educate your sales reps in social, teach your grads to write for the web, or help your team develop their content skills, I can help. I offer bespoke sessions across my specialities, which can be tailored to Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels depending on your team's experience.

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More Services


In an age of keywords and 140 character limits, it's easy to overlook the power of great copy. The words you use are crucial to your brand's success, telling your story, asserting your expertise and connecting with your audience. Let me help you inform, inspire, entertain and persuade... and ultimately convert readers into customers.

Content Strategy

As with many aspects of business, successful content marketing is all about effective planning and execution; after all, what's the point in creating great content if it's not reaching the right places? Let me help you develop a content strategy that really works.

Link Building

Link building is a crucial part of your search strategy, demonstrating your brand's authority through third party citations - to put it simply, others are vouching for you. I can help you build those all-important links in an honest, authentic and natural way, steering clear of spammy methods and risky techniques.
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