What I do

I'm a freelance copywriter and content specialist. I create content that works, naturally.

Far too many businesses fall victim to poor copy and thin content. Not only does this affect your website authority and search ranking, but it can alienate visitors and force potential customers to go elsewhere. After all, who's going to trust a boring site that's riddled with errors? Of course, quality content isn't just about verifying facts and checking your spelling. If you want to cut through the noise, encourage visitors and ultimately drive conversions, you've got the offer something special. That's where I come in.

I offer a selection of freelance content services to help you stand out from the crowd. Each can be tailored to fit your requirements, whether it's the simple optimisation of existing collateral, several posts to kickstart your blog or a more comprehensive strategy that stretches into the future. Take a look at the services below to find out more.



In an age of keywords and character limits, it's easy to overlook the power of great copy. The words you use are crucial to your brand's success, telling your story, asserting your expertise, connecting with your audience and converting readers into customers.


From supporting SEO, to driving quality traffic, to allowing your brand's personality to shine, there are multiple benefits to having a business blog. Blogging is a simple, inexpensive way to boost your site, and all it requires is a little knowledge and creativity.

Technical Writing

More and more businesses in the STEM sector are realising the importance of content, branding and a strong digital presence. This means technical writing for the web is a seriously sought-after skill.

Proofreading & Copy Editing

Enhance the quality of your digital content and business collateral with my freelance proofreading and editing service. No matter the format, I will make sure your messages are on brand, error free and fit for purpose.

Social Media

Everybody knows that social media needs to be incorporated into your marketing strategy, but how can we effectively harness its potential? Social media isn't just likes and pins. It's a way to spark conversations, grow communities and build relationships that have more longevity than a one-off retweet.  

Link Building

Link building is a crucial part of your search strategy, demonstrating your website authority through valuable third party citations. I can help you build those all-important links in an honest, authentic and natural way, steering clear of spam and penalisation.

Content Strategy

As with many aspects of business, successful content marketing is all about effective planning and execution; after all, what's the point in creating great content if it's not reaching the right places? Let me help you develop a content strategy that really works.


Design plays a huge role in marketing your business online. When accompanied by the right copy, it's a seriously powerful tool. Take your content strategy that bit further and develop your messages into a creative format that will see the very best results. Find out more.

Consultancy & Training

Could your marketing department benefit from additional content support? I offer my services on a consultancy basis, working on-site alongside your team. I also offer training and lecturing across all areas.  

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