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How To Strike The Perfect Work/Life Balance When You’re A Freelancer

Maintaining a good work/life balance is difficult for anyone, but it’s particularly tricky when you’re a freelancer. At any one time, you’ll be juggling your projects, arranging meetings, keeping on top of admin and developing relationships with potential clients (as well as keeping your existing ones happy). There’s also the worry of finances to add into the mix, making sure that invoices are sent and paid on time, that you’re […]

What is content (and why is it so important?)

Content means different things to different people. It also changes depending on context. This makes it rather tricky to explain, and even harder to define. What is content? For some people, content is information. For others, it’s the means in which they develop and communicate their key messages. For me, content is stuff; the stuff that populates your website and makes up your marketing campaigns. It’s the stuff you create or share […]

8 Common Content Mistakes & How To Avoid Them: Part 2

I recently looked at eight common content mistakes, the reasons they’re so problematic, and how to fix them. From bad titles and shoddy subheadings to big chunks of texts that make for a challenging reading experience, I covered a range of different issues and offered up plenty of solutions. It turned out to be a really useful post, so today, I’m going to talk about it some more. Here are […]

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